20″ Stainless Steel 6mm ARC Barrel W/ Head-spaced Bolt


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20″ 6mm ARC
SATERN LIBERTY BARRELS® Button Rifled barrel
Med contour
Rifle length gas
.750 gas block diameter
1-7.5 twist 5R
5/8-24 threaded muzzle
416R Stainless steel
w/ head spaced bolt


As an addition we offer Cryogenic Accurizing to any of our barrels. This is a process we outsource which extends lead time by an additional 14 Days.

Cryo-Accurizing relieves stress in firearm barrels through deep cryogenic tempering.  Stresses cause a barrel to bend or warp as it heats from repeated firing — warping causes walking, stringing or wandering in the shot group.  Deep cryogenic tempering process relieves internal stress in the firearm so the barrel will no longer bend or warp.  In addition, your firearm will be easier to clean and give you increased performance, increased accuracy and extended barrel life.

Deep cryogenic tempering is a one-time, computer-controlled process where metal is cooled slowly to deep cryogenic temperatures (-300 F), and slowly returned to room temperature. The metal is triple-tempered as the final step in the process. This dry process permanently refines the grain structure of a firearm barrel at the atomic level, producing a homogeneously stabilized barrel. The denser, smoother surface reduces friction, heat and wear. The result is tighter shot groups, increased velocity (On average 40-60 fps after cryo-accurizing) and your barrel will last longer, be stronger, shoot better and be easier to clean!


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Standard, Cryo-Accurized


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