Triam LLC Medusa Serries .224 Valkyrie Complete Upper Receiver



Triam LLC Medusa Serries .224 Valkyrie Complete Upper Receiver

The Medusa upper receiver was designed to get maximum performance out of a semi-auto modern sporting rifle.


The Medusa Serries .224 Valkyrie Upper Receiver Features a Stainless Steel Satern Liberty barrel with head-spaced bolt and Triam LLC Bolt carrier group which is the heart of the system. We then match the barrel to hand lapped Triam LLC Billet Upper Receiver. This is to ensure the upmost performance and accuracy. The barrel nut is torqued to exactly 65 foot pounds. A low-profile adjustable gas block and gas system is then installed. Your Medusa upper receiver is then fitted with a Triam LLC Handguard bearing the Triam name and Logo.

The Triam LLC handguard consists of a patented keyway system that prevents the Handguard from being overtightened. This allows for better rifle Harmonics and more consistent shot to shot grouping.

Bolt Carrier Group, Charging Handle and Flash hider are included.

Each Medusa Serries .224 Valkyrie upper receiver is made to order. Please allow 2-4weeks for delivery.

Note: Each complete upper is test fired prior to shipment for safety and function.

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Barrel Length

18" ", " 20" ", " 22"


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